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It was November and I was still working in the complex of Villa Luisa had returned to Italy and was a little lonely. The man, who asked to operate the system monitors one day, if I go a little extra I did what I was looking for a home for Christmas and New Year and the flight was going to win expensive, this was the day before the flight cheap internet. A couple of your cleaner had in mind, I'd clean up some of the fucd villas and a couple of days a week, I am filled with cleaning. One of the villas was a semi- retired couple left for the winter of his daughter and son in care of things got home ownership. She was very thin C a bit harsh, was a little fucd overwieght H small, but very talkative. I noticed that when H said to me, I could see, to observe fucd C, concluded that he had an eye for women. In one of my days cleaning, told the villa on your own and out of nowhere, he, as much as I like to clean topless, I said the first thing that popped into my head ever 50 pounds thinnerKing? ? He came and gave me £ 50 in Spanish currency. What the hell am I sunbathed topless, fucd so I pulled my top and bra and swung freely. He followed me everywhere in the house of my tits swaying, leaning, like cleaning the bathroom. Soon things and unbuttoned the top buttons of my pants, so I hope fucd that whenever a high bar that extended only to my body hair and encouragement was given by my pussy, I sat a lot and put my pants and forms my lips. H was visibly upset and had been rubbing through his pants, I heard him gasp and a wet spot on his shorts seemed obvious that he had shot his load. About a week later he was back in the mansion of his own wife driven to the airport to pick up his sister and her husband, who joins them for a week. He also brought a lot of money this time wanted me naked, I must say I geting of its desires and thoughts, as well paid. I'm back I have a lot ofHocke, views for many of my pussy rear view and everything bowed. I knew this time would want to touch me. I was geting and humid, as it is now found in the soil, so I move to do a good look at my pussy fuck about him perched at eye level and very gently ran her fingers over my hole through their inclusion in me fell to his knees squeezed my pussy in his face, and yes, I felt a tongue start to lick. ' Not long before I cum face wet with my juice t, I stared at him with a red face, hands rubbing his penis franticlly my feet they put me on his lap and pulled her up and down, I grabbed his ankle moved quickly up and down his cock until he came back with a grunt of his shorts. I think I earned my money. the fucd week before flying home for Christmas, I went back to cleaning the house I thought there was nobody when I drive the car last seen in the office. I went into the house and stoppedas I cast to the side of the house I heard was about, but since I saw the H voice began to fucd return to when fucd I was a bit of an argument with which I now knew that his brother to be heard. Of course, we are all curious, I heard that the company was H, and if my brother did what he asked he, after all what you would `t had a problem before being shot. I looked around the corner and the sight of the brother -H and H getting naked and stroking it says it's a top boy and his dog, who play all the time spent. With that he reached down and put his cock in the ass fucking and H began in earnest around the time fucd called him a bitch and he knew that he loved in the ass. I knew the brother was enjoying it, because he was masturbating and shouted that she loved him, it was too early Hs bitch cum shoot out of their tails, and quietly. This was the first time I had seen a man fuck each other (not the last ) and was between desire and disgust lust won. H I heard moving in the kitchen when he had to say it was a funeral? ? out, but he and I mop, just proceed. When I change the sheets in the law, came out, but I knew he would be surprised if I saw something. The more I thought of them fucking horny I am and I could not wait to go back to the apartment to my straw. When I left the house, the brother accompanied me along the way I was waiting in the office, which didn `t know how to deal with, so I say, I did what I did, but do not worry, but first wanted him to do something for me. fucd I closed the office door made ​​blinds. I grabbed him by the tail, I hope you like women, fucd as if he needed a ride after seeing them both. He smiled, I like both ways, and so very pleasant one fucd hour has given me a great ride it was very good with his tongue licking pussies women licking dicks and I guess everything is how you can use the language. `t I hope thistoo much time depends on the reaction, if I write more, since I live all my adventures, if partners are not here to go back to my vibrator trust ( as now ), I like a lot of heat when rewriting.
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